Publié par : Lynda Dumais | 27 mai 2016

Guanxi : un écosystème intégré

Chinese society is heavily influenced by the traditional values associated with Confucianism which promotes a strict system of norms and propriety. These values determine how a person should act within a community, with hierarchy a central theme. In addition, there is little separation between business and private life in China (Irwin, 2012). The concepts of ‘guanxi’ and ‘mianzi’ are central to Chinese society and, thus, heavily influence business life. Guanxi is a deeply system of relationships, personal connections, contacts and networks (suite)

Extrait de : Rashed & Nesha (2016). Doing Business in and with China: The Challenges are Great, but so are the Opportunities. Global Journal of Management and Business Research: B Economics and Commerce.



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