Publié par : Lynda Dumais | 23 mai 2016

Guanxi, bourse et gains personnels

(…) In China, where personal connections [guanxi] often form the basis of professional relationships, there is evidence that their opinions often serve a more specific function — that of personal gains for the analysts and their friends in mutual fund companies.

(…) Given the lack of integrity and objectivity in stock analysis it is no surprise that Chinese financial analysts are among the world’s worst performing, according to a Bloomberg report published in early May. Analyzing the predictions of analysts and the performance of the Shanghai Composite Index — which lost more than a third of its value in the year from the end of April 2015 — Bloomberg found that Chinese analysts’ predictions « were off by bigger margins than those of analysts researching stocks in the rest of the world’s 20 largest markets. » Had their forecasts been correct, the index would have ended the period 43% higher than it did.

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