Publié par : Lynda Dumais | 19 avril 2016

Guanxi et pratique des affaires

Les dimensions culturelles, telles que décrites par Hofstede et Bond, continuent à inspirer les blogueurs.

It is essential for Westerners to appreciate that China is a deeply relational-oriented country; the Chinese attach tremendous importance to their personal relationships. It is normal practice for Chinese managers to initially concentrate on building guanxi: social and interpersonal relationships. Though it can seem strange, baffling and even time-wasting to many Westerners, for the Chinese, creating such guanxi is the pre-condition for entering into business or contractual relationships. As much as this may fly in the face of the traditionally task oriented mindset of the more masculine and less long-term time oriented Westerners, success in the Chinese market requires recalibrating one’s expectations to accommodate this focus on the importance of guanxi. (Sosik and Jung, 2002). Chinese who want to work with Westerners profit from realizing the high degree to which they emphasize the task or business deal, and how focused they are on quickly taking action. Being achievement oriented, the Westerner’s mindset emphasizes “work first.” There is no assumption that establishing personal relationships is necessary, or even necessarily desirable.

Extrait de Cross-cultural challenges when doing business in China

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